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Elenination of the gound contamination---->

Elenination of subsurface phenol and oil contamination ---->


Bigor offers its own technology for bioremediation (bioremediation) of the  contaminated soils. The main advantage, in addition to the economic benefits, is a natural process of restoring soil fertility.





The technology "Oleovorin" intended for processing of the contaminated soil, including the bioremediation of oil-contaminated areas after oil spills. The usage of appropriate technology at a concentration of oil pollution in the soil is no more than 10-15% (mass).


The purification method is based on the microbiological oxidation of contaminated soils by using managed bio composting oxidizing biological product "Oleovorin" developed Bigor. Product contains oxidizing microorganisms that contribute to the rapid expansion of oil. The product has all the necessary government approvals and oversights. It  passed industrial tests in different soils and climatic conditions. "Oleovorin" is registered by "Bigor" trademark.


Recycling technology and microbial strains are patented.