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Cleaning up soil contamination from underground oil and phenol.


Bigor offers its patented biotechnology eliminate groundwater contamination.

The application of technology:

Biotechnology dredging of underground contamination with organic substances (phenols and oil products) can be used in oil and gas production, oil and gas and chemical industries, energy, utilities and transport accidents.

Brief description of the technology:

Technology for cleaning soil from groundwater contamination by organic compounds (phenols and oil products) is the flow of water washing away dirt containing microbes and nutrients and circulating in a closed circuit consisting of an irrigation system, contaminated soil, pumping systems and biofilters. In the biofilter is a processing fluid aeration. As microorganisms biodestruktorov phenol used biological product "Oleovorin." Consumption when applying the solution on the basis of the biofilter is regulated ODC organic pollution in the effluent from the biological filter solution. As nozzle biofilter used wood hardwood or other inert materials.process diagram


Gorky Railways, passing Myslets. During operation of the plant from 18 May 2002 to 25 September 2003 eliminated more than 8.7 tons of phenols at a depth of 2 to 8 m in the area-of-way and directly to the railway embankment.

The cause of spill was the collapse of a freight train number 2651, with the result that three cars were destroyed, with phenol and 13 cars with diesel fuel.

The firm "Bigor" started to work on the aftermath of the accident in 2000, We have developed a design and installation is made to clean up to 10 m3 / h of washing water with a concentration of phenol to 1 g / l of oil and 300 mg / L, which in 2001 was put into operation. The wash water is treated at the facility to the parameters of drinking water: phenol index - 0.25 mg / l, oil - 0.1 mg / l.

In 2004, according to the comprehensive monitoring, carried out by representatives of the analytical center of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Czech Republic, sanitary-epidemiological control, confirmed the successful completion of the works. Volume of treated soil was 350 thousand tons.

Noted in the results of the State report "On the state and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation in 2004" s. 199.

Cleaning up the soil produced by leaching contaminants flow of water circulating in a closed loop through the irrigation system, the contaminated soil, pumping system, biofilters and back to spraying.


Low cost purification of soil (20-40% of the market), no harmful emissions, effluents and waste, high reliability through integrated automation.

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