Research Work

Oleovorin Technology




"Bigor Biotechnologies LLC" offers its services in scientific - research, development of new and improvement of existing technologies, followed by the industrial implementation in the following areas:

Grain processing and fermentation

* - One technological line can use in process different types of grain: wheat, rye, corn, triticale, barley

* - By aseptic fermentation can be produced: high quality feed protein, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, hydrogels

Growing microbial

* - The properties and requirements of crops in different environmental

* - Selecting of the storage and maintenance of cultures

* - Selection

* - Industrial optimization of fermentation processes


Isolation and study of products of microbial synthesis


* - Antibiotics

* - Amino acids

* - Organic acids

* - Preservatives

* - Enzymes

* - Other biologically active substances

* - Mushroom mycelium (protein food)

Development of methods for the microbiological control of food;


Developing systems of bio composting for decontamination;


Development of systems for wastewater treatment;


The development of anti-drugs based on natural brine and

Waste CHP;


Development of systems for bacterial leaching of metals from sulphide ores, development of technology and equipment for the implementation of hydrometallurgical processes.