Bigor Biotechnologies LLC

Moscow, Nizhnaya Krasnoselskaya str. 40/12 bld.10
Phone number: +7(495)987-37-51


"Bigor Biotechnologies." is a private engineering firm, specializing in the creation of environmentally friendly industrial processes based on deep processing of grain to produce food and feed products.

We also work in the field of biotechnology with the use of sterile and non-sterile fermentation processes, the development and implementation of large and innovative projects related to environmental protection.

A separate area of activity of the company is the development of energy-efficient design of non-standard equipment and optimization of circuits in order to create a competitive modern industries.
The company includes all the structural units required for the implementation of industrial biotechnology processes: from research and technology development, and to design, construction and maintenance of industrial facilities.


We offer our clients:



• economic assessment of production at all stages of design, financial modeling, business plans and feasibility studies;

• design and development of documentation;

• the design of pilot plants;

• design and procurement of equipment;

• coordination of projects at various levels;

• installation supervision and start-up;

• Serving as the chief designer and technical customer atypical industrial and environmental projects;

• the provision of services in the field of complex tests and the procedures required for registration of new products;

• providing services in organizing certification of food, feed and chemical industries on the requirements of the Russian legislation and EU standards.

The basis for the success of our company is following the quality system in accordance with ISO 9001 at all stages of the work.

In all parts of LLC "Bigor  Biotechnologies" are working highly qualified specialists. All employees have higher education, 40% of them have scientific degrees.

"Bigor  Biotechnologies" has its own technologies and "know-how", many developments are patented.